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Emerson AX-235

The following radio is available for sale. All prices are in $US, and do not include shipping and handling.
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Emerson AX-235
'Little Miracle'

This classic radio was obtained at a national meet several years ago. I have had it in my collection since then. The radio is unrestored, and is essentially in the condition I received it in. I have not restored the radio itself, and indeed have not tested it. I purchased it as eye candy, and it has certainly served its purpose!

This radio has some of the most beautiful coloring that I have ever seen. The case is swirled with clear resin, so that much of the green swirl is shown in three dimensions! If you look close you can see the chassis through the cabinet in some of the photos below.

I am not a catalin expert (and this in one of only 2 that I have ever owned, both of which I am offering for sale). Please look carefully at the photos in case I have missed anything.
  • Offered for sale as I received it. It was originally owned by a well known catalin collector who had it polished out to its original color. (He told me he replaced it with an all original set.)
  • No known cracks, chips, or repairs.
  • Chassis is untested and unrestored.
  • Reproduction Knobs and Grill
  • Beautiful coloring.
  • Price: $2500

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