Zenith Model 11S474 (Chassis 1103)

Zenith Model 11S474 (Chassis 1103)

Manufacturer: Zenith Radio Corp

Date: 1940

Size: 29 x 43 x 16 inches

Tubes: 11 -

Frequency Range: 550-1600kc, 1.6-5mc, 5-18mc

Power: AC

References: Bunis III,

Comments: Magic eye tube.

I had originally mislabeled this set as a model 1103. My thanks to Patrick J. Martone, he correctly pointed out the similarity to a 11S474 which has a chassis number 1103! OOPS!.. I had given erroneous information to Marty and Sue Bunis, and this set is listed as a 1103 in the third edition of their book.

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