We are proud to REPRINT this issue of the Transistor Network with the kind permission of Marty and Sue Bunis!

PLEASE.. This is a REPRINT edition, so do not attempt to respond to any information in these issues.. They are YEARS old!

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December 1997 - FINAL EDITION!

In this issue:






WANTED: Braun T3, T4. Arvin 61R13 in red and green. Sony TR-63 in red, TR-86 in red, TR-610 and TR-510. Global GR-900, GR-711. Zephyr AR-600. Any German transistor radios or 4 tube sets or hybrids. Toy crystal radios. Also looking for brochures, flyers, folders and any advertising on early transistor radios. Early German transistor type recorders. And I'm looking for the early transistors as components, especially point-contact transistors. Have German swaps on all items. Rudi Herzog, P.O. Box 140 108, 30959 Hemmingen, Germany. Phone: (# removed). Fax: (# removed).

FOR SALE: British and Japanese transistor radios. Enrico Tedeschi, 54 Easthill Drive, Brighton BN41 2FD, U.K. Tel/fax (# removed) (24 hours) or (# removed) mobile. Website: <http://www.Brighton-UK.com>

WANTED: Early Sony transistor radios 1955-1963. I'm also interested in advertisements, leaflets, and service manuals, original or copy. Henry Bohlman, Birkenstieg 21, 22359 Hamburg, Germany. Phone (# removed), fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: Batman Neon Clock Radio, AM/FM, mint condition, with box, $650. Danielle S. Klein, 6 Horizon Road, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Zenith Royal 500 Owl Eyes radio book. One of the highly collected early transistor radios. This book covers every model from the prized 1955 handwired model, 500B, 500RD, 500D, 500E, and the 500E-1. There are 26 pictures and several great identification charts. The price is $10 ppd. Want to contribute to my new Zenith book? E-mail me for details. Eldon A. Horton, 8187 LaHabra Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46236. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Gumby, Breed plate 92, AM/FM, 12 inches high, very good condition and it works, $125. Adam and Eve, Breed plate 175, new in the box, $100. Masters of the Universe, Breed & Bunis plate 380, NIB, $45. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8:00 PM Eastern time. Fax (# removed) anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Juliette transistor radios, all years and models, Japan or Hong Kong. Pocket size. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Examples of early transistors, the devices, such as Western Electric, Raytheon, etc., interested in just about everything. Also early diodes and transistor related books, catalogs, and manuals. Can purchase but prefer to trade from my collection of transistor radios, parts, and electronic literature. Please e-mail me and I will send a list. Bob McGarrah, 6616 Koerner Road, Edwards, IL 61528. Phone (# removed) after 4 PM. E-mail: (email removed)

MESSAGE: Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting the Internet site "Radio-O-Rama". You have all been great and a special thanks to Marty and Sue for their tireless work. Mike Stute, 2140 Sequoyah Way, Carrollton, TX 75006. (# removed).

WANTED: Video capsule sphere- or triangular-shaped radios/TVs made by JVC, Weltron, and many others. I am interested in all 1970s & 1980s modern design radios and small TVs, including those on pedestals. Also wanted first walk-man TVs by Sony, plus watch-size TV by Seiko...must be complete and working. Will pay cash or have many interesting trades. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8:00 PM Eastern time. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Sanyo All-Wave 8S-P2, AM/SW, white w/rev paint, missing knob, $15. Hitachi TH-759, black, $15. Reclining Mickey Mouse, 113, $65. Suntory Whiskey, different label from Breed pl 379, $35. WANTED: Raytheon T-100/150 knobs or parts set. Merry Christmas. Jon Hall, 253 Springs Oak Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22968. (# removed). Fax- (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Novelty Radios. Visit my website that you can click to view the radios listed. I applaud Marty and Sue Bunis for the hard work they have done for the radio collecting world. Send e-mail for questions or info to: (email removed) Web address: http://www.geocities.com/eureka/8761/sale.html. Gary Arnold, 615 Oak Street, Marion, NC 28752. (# removed).

WANTED: Novelty sets wanted: John Lennon, Breed 201. Faultless, Breed 280. Texaco, Breed 281. Rustoleum, Breed 304. Sparkplug, Breed 313. Tape Measure, Breed 316. Hershey's, Breed 327. Malibu, Breed 330. Piper Brut, Breed 332. Yago, Breed 334. Hot Dog, Breed 380. Ice Cream, Breed 381. Cone, Breed 382. Guitar, Breed 400. Jukebox, Breed 412. Slot machine, Breed 435. Clock, Breed 472. Screw, Breed 599. Spam, Breed & Bunis 77. Hershey's, Breed & Bunis 85. Kool Aid, Breed & Bunis 90. Seltzer, Breed & Bunis 149. Faberge, Breed & Bunis 168. Padlock, Breed & Bunis 183. Sencor, Breed & Bunis 203. Guitar, Breed & Bunis 435. Sports Shoe, Breed & Bunis 542. I have many trades some not seen in the U.S.A. Also some rare novelties from Europe. Please send for list. Syd Sheerin, 15 Railway Terrace, Low Moor, Bradford, BD12 0LT, Yorkshire, England.

WANTED: Breed plate 329, Fleischmans Gin. Breed plate 453, Helmet K/C and San Diego. Breed & Bunis plate 92, Mountain Dew. Breed & Bunis plate 93, Napoleon Cognac. Ron Smith, 145 Carr Street, Lakewood, CO 80226. Phone (# removed).

FOR SALE: Sams CB service manuals. New condition. All include transistor pics. Vol 2 thru 9, vol 20, $3. each plus 1 lb postage each. Jim Farago, 4017-42nd Ave. So., Mpls., MO 55406-3528. (# removed).

SERVICES: Transistor Radio Repair. All major brands. Single band, BC. $30 each plus shipping. All work guaranteed. Steve Short, 1590 Union Street, Schenectady, NY 12309. Phone (# removed).

FOR SALE: New guide features over 70 toy crystal radios beautifully photographed in full color. Rockets, tiny table models, pocket models, and novelties from 1929 to 1966. With model numbers, notes, and prices. $19.95 includes postage. Eric Wrobbel, Dept. T, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Excellent condition original owners manuals for the following portable sets: 1959 RCA All Transistor Globe-Trotter models 1T5J and 1T5L. 1961 Admiral Super 7 Y2102. Mike Hanke, 1036 So. 15th Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401. Write don't phone.

WANTED: Bright red with silver grille Emerson 747. Global subminiature tube pocket radio. Koyo "Parrot" submini-tube radio. Aiwa AR-500. Crown TR-555, TR-666, TR-777, TR-810, TR-911, TR-999. Zephyr AR-630, ZR-930. Harpers GK-631, GK-900. Kobe Kogyo KT-41. Realtone TR-666, TR-701, TR-870. RCA Victor P331. Standard SR-F23. Any Sony marked "Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, LTD". Philco T-66 and T-77 MIB only. Continental 160, TR-751. Many others. Highest prices paid particularly for those in the original box. Really unusual and or stylish early 1970's radios also desired. David Mednick, 25 Jefferson St., #7B, Hackensack, NJ 07601-5038. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE/TRADE: No chips or cracks unless noted. Regency TR-4, chips, $145. Loewe Optra, cute, $65. Reverse painted Delmonico, chip, $35. Reverse painted Coronet Boy's radio, the scarce coffin shaped one, bright red, poor chip repairs, $30 or will trade for a good front half of a cabinet as I would like to fix this one. Imperial Boy's radio, $35. Cute red and white Commodore Boy's radio with metal escutcheon and cute blue carrying case, no cracks or chips just slight scratches on sides, $35. Lot of 4 Japanese transistor radios, turquoise GE, cute Electra with stylish front, Realtone/Bradford TR1626, Philco T66?, all for $40. Made in Japan transistor radio book by Roger Handy. Brand new copies, last place you will find them as they are out of print. Every collector should have this book. $35 ppd each or 2/$50 or trades. WANTED: Toshiba 8TP-90. Crestline 6T330. Unbroken tune knob for Hitachi TH621 or will buy your radio. Always buying nice small tube and transistor radios. More radios for sale/trade on my website updated twice a week <http://members.aol.com/dmradios/index.html> Donald Mauer, 29 South 4th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Transistor Books: Collectors Guide To Transistor Radios, Second Edition, $16.95 (Canada add $3 shipping, US add $2 shipping). Collectors Guide to Novelty Radios, $18.95 (Canada add $4 shipping, US add $3 shipping) Collecting Transistor Novelty Radios, 1994 Price Update, $4.95. Available from: Marty Bunis, 32 West Main St., Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed), before 8 PM EST. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Trancel TR60 or TR80, black cabinet back and reverse paint both unbroken. Regency TR1, TR1G, TR4. Continental TR632, the vertical one in the Lane book with the stars. Seminole 801. Unbroken Crestline 6T330. Will trade transistor radios for a 486 PC or for catalins. Donald Maurer, 29 South 4th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Hamburger Helper, Breed 284, excellent, $40. Avon SSS, Breed & Bunis 151, excellent, $25. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Breed & Bunis 63, excellent, $45. Pepsi can, Breed 349, excellent, $15. Budweiser, Breed 338, excellent, $20. Scottowels, Breed & Bunis 204, excellent, $45. Coors, Breed 350, excellent, $20. Gulf Pride, Breed & Bunis 29, excellent, $25. Coca Cola, Breed 346, NIB, $20. Sunkist, Breed 340, MIB, $35. Ultra D, Breed & Bunis 32, MIB, $35. Seagrams, Breed 338, MIB, $25. Mac's #13, Breed & Bunis 46, MIB, $50. Budweiser Bottle, Breed 324, MIB, $30. Beanee Weenee, ex, $35. Crayola Rocks, ex, $60. UPS extra, untested. Arnold Hornstein, 21 Golden Hill Court, Baltimore, MD 21228. (# removed).

SERVICES: Crack repair, worn or missing lettering restored exactly like original. Reproduction trim parts for transistor radios including badges, nameplates, flat dials. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Novelty radios. Harley Davidson Tank Radio, looks like the front part of the bike, $40. Mickey Sing a long, $12. Winston Tote Bag Ice cooler, pl 233, $12. Donald Duck, pl 84, $20. French Phone, pl 334, $25. Pillsbury, pl 302, $25. Kraft Macaroni, pl 63, $20. Little Sprout Green Giant, missing battery cover, $15. Book Case, pl 463, $12. All radios untested. Add $3.50 to ship each radio. Jim Martes, 15400 E. 2nd St. S., Indep., MO 64050. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Regency TR-1, cloud gray, excellent condition with leather carry case, no cracks or chips, $375. Harold Trieb, 644-8th St. No., Hudson, WI 54016. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Transistor radio photo guides. Each guide packed with photos of all known collectible models of each brand. With model numbers and notes. GLOBAL/ZEPHYR guide shows all 32 of these great radios. STANDARD guide shows all 50 of the Standards including all 13 Micronic Rubys. REALTONE guide has 59 models, TOSHIBA has 61, SONY guide has 94. Guides include rare models not shown anywhere else. REGENCY booklet tells all about the first transistor radio and related models TR-1, TR-1G, TR-4, Bulova 250, Mitchell, Mantola, and discusses colors, variation, date codes, rarities, and trivia. Lots of info and pictures. Regency booklet is $10, all others are $7 each. Prices include postage. Eric Wrobbel, Dept. T, 20802 Exhibit Ct., Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Sony Watchman television of any type. I am also looking for early Sony transistor radios, especially made before 1960. Minoru Muraoka, 2-18-30-503, Kikuna, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222 Japan. Fax: (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

SERVICES: Keep this ad handy for future use! I can repair your favorite AM transistor radio to play like it did when it was new. Twenty seven years experience in radio repair. Minimum $20, maximum $35 plus shipping. If unable to be repaired, radios will be sent back prepaid. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Toshiba 8P-823F, NIB, with all charts, schematic, headphone and it's Tshiba battery, $150. Dumont, Italy, vintage 1956, big CP, leather, hand wired, good condition, $135. Hitachi WH-662, MW/LW, SP, slight crack on back, overall ex, $135. Standard SR-G107L, chip, MW/LW, CP, $70. NEC NT-730, leather case, very good, SP, $150. Hinode, one transistor Boy's radio, kit, with charts and box, very nice shape, $70. Plus shipping, or trade with early Sony and Toshiba. All radios work. Photos available, $2. Sergio Nuzzi, V. Falchero 70, 51038 OLMI (PT) Italy. Phone (# removed) after 7PM GMT. Fax, (# removed).

WANTED: Toy crystal radios, walkie-talkies, pocket size transistor radios. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Ct., Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Two Mike Todd TR-1s. One is red and is complete with the "Around The World In Eighty Days" bookcase. The other is a very rare set from this series owned by Mike Todd himself, mahogany in color with a leather carrying case embossed "Michael Todd." Taking offers on these two extremely rare sets, please call for more details. Jordan Ramin, 45 West 69th Street, #5A, New York, NY 10023. Phone (# removed).

WANTED: I'm doing research on early transistor component history, from the late 1940's through the mid 1950's. Especially interested in contacting former employees of pioneering transistor component manufacturers such as CBS-Hytron, Clevite, Germanium Products, Marvelco, National Union, Radio Receptor, Raytheon, RCA, Transistor Products Inc., Tungsol, Sylvania, and Western Electric. Would like information on research & development/manufacturing processes, advertising materials, company history, surplus inventory, etc. Thanks for your help. Jack Ward, 20 Elm St., Brookline, MA 02146. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED DESPERATELY: Sony Earth Orbitor CRF 5100, Sony TFM 8000W, Sony TFM 1600B, Sony CRF 320, Grundig Satellite 650 Multiband. Khushpal, 611 Plumas Street, Yuba City, CA 95992. Phone (# removed), 9AM-6PM. Fax (# removed). After 9PM, (# removed) Pacific Time.

FOR SALE: All kinds of novelty radios. Most are in both books and some are not in books. For more information or lists call. Don or Rocky Larson, 620 Ulstad Avenue, Albert Lea, MN 56007. Phone (# removed).

WANTED: Zenith Fan radio, round barrel, wood grain. Bunis/Breed page 218, pl 607. Jim Martes, 15400 E. 2nd St. S., Indep., MO 64050. (# removed).

FOR SALE: CB/AM radio, excellent, ib, BR 512, $30. Wrist radio, yellow, excellent, BR 525, $25. Lunchbox w/thermos & hp, excellent, IB, $20. Switch It, NOC, $25. Music Time, excellent, similar B&B 434, $15. Cube, excellent, $10. Button radio, NOC, $20. Cube radio, white, excellent, BR 524, $30. Blue Max, excellent, BR 519, $40. Electro Brand, NIB, $20. Clear Sound, NOC, $20. Flashlight radio w/swivel spotlight, AM/FM, NIB, $20. Avon mini radio w/hp, NIB, $20. Blue Jeans NIB, $30. Sound Wear, $15. Yellow Heart, MBC, $15. Playhouse, NIB, B&B 613, $35. Crow w/clock, NIB, B&B 272, $30. Sony 1829, very good, $20. Avon Stay Tuned, NIB, $20. Build your own radio kit, NIB, $25. Sonic Sphere, AM/FM, NIB, $25. Marlboro flashlight, n, $20. Blue K-Mart, excellent, $20. Lloyds walnut square w/black ball on top, excellent, $30. Mura Hi Stepper, AM Reel type radio, NIB, $15. Please add $4 each for shipping. Beverly McAfee, 305 Church Rd., York, PA 17402. (# removed).

WANTED: Sony TR-716B, Watchman television of any type. I am also looking for early Sony transistor radios, especially made before 1960. Minoru Muraoka, 2-18-30-503 Kikuna, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222 Japan. Fax: (# removed), e-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Philco Trace PR-3550, circa 1960, transistor radio automatic circuit evaluator, circuit trace templates for 9 Philco transistor radios, $20. Pakette crystal radio, circa 1946, $95. B&K 960 transistor radio analyst with copy of schematic and manual, $65. Plus shipping. Tom Murray, 3177 Latta Rd. #409, Rochester, NY 14612. Ph/Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Panasonic TR-001 "The Mica 1" TV. Panasonic TR-425R "Pandora" inch TV. Panasonic TR-005 "The Orbitel" 5 inch TV. JVC videocapsule, pyramid TV. Sony Watchman FD-210. Sony FDL-330S. Sony FDL-320. Casio TV-10. Epson ET-10. Seiko TR02. Panasonic CT-333S, pocket watch TV. Plus many other small TVs. Will pay cash or have interesting trades. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8 PM EST, fax (# removed) anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Panasonic RF-2800, RF-9000, RF-2900, or Sony Multibands. Khushpal, 611 Plumas Street, Yuba City, CA 95991. (# removed), 9AM-6PM. Fax (# removed). After 9PM, (# removed) Pacific Time.

MESSAGE: I want to thank everyone for their support and kind words over the past year for the electronic version of the TN. Happy Hunting! George Kaczowka.

WANTED: Invicta 8PK1 from 1965. Must be in excellent or mint condition. Radio need not have plastic case. John Caris, 152 Springbrook Dr., Findlay, OH 45840.

FOR SALE: 98 photo list. The largest listing of antique radios and old electronics. 11 pages of photos. Thousands of items. $1.50 plus $.55 SASE. Radio Ranch, 10745-255th Ave. N.E. Belgrade, MN 56312.

WANTED: Desperately. Any information whatsoever on two European radio manufacturers: ITT Schaub-Lorenz and Brandt Electronique. If you have information or know where I can find it, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Bill Wood, 8 Oregon Place #2, Buffalo, NY 14207-1522. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Nice condition Raytheon T-150-5, ivory/gray, no cracks or chips. Best offer by December 31 takes it. WANTED: Red Sony TR-63 and TR-86. Braun T3, T4, T31, and T41. Any coat pocket early German transistor radios. Sony TR-610 and 620, any colors. Any early Sonys. Westinghouse H610P, H611P, and H612P, can be cracked or chipped but must have flawless metal front piece. Zenith Royal 850 w/clock, pink. Westrex cassette tapes or the portable radio to play them. Harald Herp, 6615 Michele Ct., Huntingtown, MD 20639. (# removed)

FOR SALE: See over 100 MORE fabulous transistor radios up close in this all-new video by Roger Handy and Eric Wrobbel. Terrific early radios from Toshiba, Crown, Sony, Continental, Kobe Kogyo, and tons more, including many obscure brands not shown anywhere else. This video is completely different than Volume 1. A program list is included with brand names and model numbers. Two hours VHS. Volume 1 is still available, too, so specify which volume you want. $29.95 each, includes postage. Eric Wrobbel, Dept. T, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED/SELLING/TRADING: Transistor wire and tape recorders & mics. SASE or email for list. Jon Golden, Box 205, Waban, MA 02168. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR TRADE: Looking for round Panasonic TVs and any TV that is weird shaped, sits on a pedestal, or is visibly different in appearance. Also wanted are the small Sony Watchman TVs preferably with box and instructions. I am also seeking all literature, sales brochures, instruction booklets, even empty boxes relating to transistor TVs. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8 PM EST, fax (# removed) anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Looking for the following shirt pocket transistor radios. Sony TR-63, TR-65, TR-86, and TR-620 dark blue/gray. Information about the "UN Building" TR-52, TR-2K and TR-33. Fabio Bevilacqua, 3, Milan, Italy. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Will sell transistor radios or trade for reel to reel recorders & mics. Alben (Raleigh), coral pink. Bulova 890, white, $30. Continental TR182, white, $40. Crestline Six, red/white, fine condition, w/case, $55. Emerson 911 Eldorado, aqua, w/case, chrome intact, $35. Mellow-tone. Optex Six, hot red, ex, kickstand, $60. Pidgeon TR-63, look-a-like intercom set, orig box, unusual, trade only. Silvertone 8204, coral pink, w/case, $90. Westinghouse H-617, ex, w/case, $35. Books: Made in Japan xsistor radio book, $18 each. Jon Golden, Box 205, Waban, MA 02168. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Any Jukebox novelty radios, especially Archie, B&B346 and Juke Voice, B413. These are a must have for my collection so if you can part with them please call me collect. Keith Andree, 3646 Bluefield Ave., Melbourne, FL 32934. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Premiums, toy, doll house radios and mics. Remco Radiocraft Xtal, yellow, complete, $110. Remco Radiocraft Xtal, blue radio & phones only $65. Remco Tiny Tim Xtal set, fine, $70. Hearever crystal rocket, yellow, w/box, fine, $120. Philmore Junior toy mic w/orig box/papers, $40. Two variations, plastic Renwal toy console deco radio w/pull out record player drawer, $14 each. Strombecker Cathedral, wood, $23. Barbie Boom Box, $12. Jon Golden, Box 205, Waban, MA 02168. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: I am accepting offers for my cream colored Sony TR-6. It has a small chunk out of the left side by the handle attachment, and a crack along the upper left front by the volume window. There is no leather strap. It does display well. George Kaczowka, P.O. Box 103, Boylston, MA 01505. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Zephyr AR-600 as seen in MIJ page 94 and Bunis 2, this is the actual set displayed in the Bunis guide, slate gray with no chips or cracks, getting tougher to find, $400. Sony TR-629, gorgeous coral color, no chips or cracks, really a beautiful set, comes with original leather case, strap, earphone, and original earphone case, $75. Bob Keenan, 12 Davis Terrace, Peabody, MA 01960-1914. (# removed).

WANTED: Will pay good prices for the following crystal radios, particularly if with the original box. Remco Peewee, Fuji model 21 Lumire, Remco Tiny Tim in yellow, Queen Germaphone GIA (GP-3). David Mednick, 25 Jefferson Street, #7-B, Hackensack, NJ 07601-5038. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Zenith Royal 500, pink, $400. Zenith Royal 300, black, $35. Vanguard 888, black, NIB, $175, blue $125. Rambler 988, blue, $100. Regency TR-6, NIB, $100. ITT 631, pink, NIB, $75. Sony 84, white, $50. Trancel 7TM 3125, blue/gray, $100. AMC TRB-821, blue, $50. All the above transistors in good condition. Following transistors have minor flaws. Viscount 6TP-607, red/white, $100. Toshiba 6TP-219, blue/white, $100. Holiday H-660, light blue, $100. Realtone TR801, white, $50. Emerson 911, gold, $35. Voxson Zephyr 2 745, blue/black, $50. Zenith Royal 500H, black, $50. Plus shipping. David Frush, 1025 Grandview Ave., Sykesville, MD 21784. (# removed). Call between 6PM and 10PM.

WANTED: Good volume control, 8 lugs + 2 tabs #100KBX2, for my General Electric Superadio II model 7-2885, or source for new one. This set really is a super performing radio. Every serious B.C. band DXer should own one of these radios. Jim Farago, 4017 42nd Ave. So., Mpls, MN 55406-3526. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Very expensive looking piece of specialized test equipment, in nice heavy duty reusable case and reusable chassis, bolted construction no rivets. Quantec Labs wave analyser. Parts codes show circa 1969-71. Approx 30 transistors super expensive looking precision tuning capacitor, big dial, approx 25 lbs of high quality electronics. Use unknown to me, $20. firm, plus UPS. Jim Farago, 4017 42nd Ave. So., Mpls, MN 55406-3526. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Novelties. B4 Stutz Bearcat, Japan, $40. B8 Rolls Royce Pewter, MBC, $35. B39 Cabin Cruiser, $65. B68 Batman, MBC, $65. B83 Donald Duck, $35. B283 Gas Pump Sinclair, $35. B458 Golf Cart Japan DNW, $45. B493 Wristwatch Japan DNW, $35. BB349 Barbie Sing -a-Long, like new, $45. BB437 Juke Box Bank/Cassette radio, $65. Have many other novelties, pockets, portables and related items. Prices plus shipping. Will sell any or all or trade for other novelties-what have you got? SASE for list. Ray Weaver, 1047 Bunker Hill Rd., Columbus, GA 31907. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Crestline 6T-220 pocket transistor with speaker box, Bunis 2 pg 73. Lots of underpainting on both radio and speaker box. No cracks or chips, $275. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Phone (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Admial PR11 in box, $10. Admiral YD201GP, B23, $10. Audition looks like wall phone, $15. Audition 906, $20. Airlines: 62-1249, AM/FM/SW, $20. 1426A, AM/FM, gray/white, $15. GEN 1251A, AM/FM/PB/WB, $20. 1852, leather, $15. Catalina DC120 7211, AM/FM, $10. Channel Master 6157, $10. 6526, B62, $15. Claricon table model, $10. Federal 606 in box, $10. G.E.s: 7-2500B, $15. 7-2780 in box, $10. P855, B101, $10. P880B, B102, $15. P1701A, B105, $10. P1720, $10. P1844B, $10. P2290, $10. P2750, B106, $10. P970, B104, $10. C2450A base for micro, B91, $25. Kensington TFN 1003, $15. Lloyds TR10K. Magnavox IR1203, $10. Monocor KTF118A, $25. Motorola XP7CE, $10. Nobility, different colors, $10. Panasonics: R1018, $10. R1077, $10. R1159, $10. R1449, B192, $10. RF561, AM/FM, white or black, AC/battery, $15. RC1089, AC, $15. Philco T81GP, $20. Phillips D1440, $15. Realtones: 1239, $10. 2207, $10. 2239, $10. Lincoln $15. RCA RZM177T, $15. Ross: RE815, MIB, B235, $40. RE1315N, $15. RE1915, $15. RE1958, $15. RE1450, $15. Sanyo FP1250, Singapore, $15. Silvertones: 2224, B248, $15. 3229, B249, $20. 7300, $19. 8204, B250, $45. Sound Design 1177, in box, $10. Toshiba RH503F, table radio, $10. Truetone MIC3105A-17, $10. Zephyr ZR70, $25. Also regular and novelty transistors. H.B. McMahan, 313 W. Shaw, Tyler, TX 75701-3029. (# removed), ph/fax. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Zenith Royal 955 multiband transistor portable. A large set, slightly smaller than the Royal 3000 and weighs 5 pounds. Receives AM and SW on three bands. Works and looks good, $65 plus shipping. Gary Redfield, 214 Bailey Road, Crystal City, MO 63019. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)