George's Radio Wish List...

This page is devoted to radios that I am seeking. If you have one of these sets for sale, or know of one, please let me know! I am usually willing to pay a fair price for these radios! I can also trade for radios that I have for sale, or possibly, if I want it enough, for other radios in my collection!
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My tastes seem to change over time, so if you have an interesting radio, please contact me, as it may be just what I need to expand my collection!

Updated September 6, 2004

Tube Radios:

I have slowed down of late.. Currently, I am interested in the following unique tube sets... Please e-mail me with offers or leads!

Mirrored radio made by CORD.
No model number known.

Usually blue mirrored with fish etched into the mirror. This radio may have woodwork painted white.

photo courtesy of
Art's Antique Radios
Wilcox-Gay A-17
photo courtesy of
Marty Bunis
AWA Radiolette
photo courtesy of
Simon Wade
Original 220v
Plugs Wanted!

I am also looking for service literature on the above as well!

Transistor Radios:

These are some transistor radios that I am interested in:

Early Sony radios with this logo

Hoffman Home and Travel

You can reach me by e-mail at:
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