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Last Updated on September 29, 2007

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I want to extend my thanks to the many people who have helped me find radios for my collection from all over the world. Many people from the net have offered me wonderful radios over the years. I also want to express my thanks and appreciation for the many kind words of encouragement I have received since I have started this Web project! I wish you good luck in your own hunt!

Over the years, my interests have changed related to radios. Initially, I was drawn to the large shortwave consoles of the late 1930's. Eventually, the glitter of the transistor radio caught my fancy. Once I had a chance to spend a few years with them, I discovered radios from other countries, and the unusual designs and artistry that they represented.

Now, my interests are returning back to my first love.. the large shortwave radios made by Philco and Zenith. I hope that you enjoy some of the photos I am happy to share with you on these pages.. For me, there was great pleasure in the finding of these radios. May your journey be as rewarding..

Radios from around the world!

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There are MANY more good sites and lists.. but I think that you can get to about any of them via the links above.

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